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Duda introducing new Meyer lemon packaging

by | December 15, 2009
OVIEDO, FL -- The "Dandy" brand Meyer lemon season in California is in full swing. Due to the growing popularity of the citrus fruit, Duda Farm Fresh Foods is offering a new, two- pound clamshell to provide retailers with added benefits for the citrus category.

Duda focuses a significant amount of time and resources in product innovation to meet the needs of its customers and consumers alike. With the new, two-pound Meyer lemon clamshell, the company has provided retailers with a means to help consumers differentiate the product from others that share the same shelf space. Initial customer feedback showed that consumers had difficulty knowing the difference between conventional lemons and Meyer lemons when displayed as a bulk item. Because of this, Duda has contained the Meyer lemons in a two-pound clamshell and labeled the package with a distinct and appealing design.

This well-loved lemon is available for supply across North America, Europe and Asia and has been a welcome addition to produce departments across the country. "Our retail customers are reporting that Meyer lemons provide increased sales to the citrus category but do not cannibalize sales of regular lemons, Paul Huckabay, western citrus sales manager for Duda Farm Fresh Foods, said in a Dec. 15 press release.

Along with a new design, the new two-pound clamshell label includes detailed recipe and nutrition information that appeals to the food-conscious consumer. The label also refers consumers to the Duda Farm Fresh Foods website to receive more recipes and product information. Point-of-sale material is also available to pique consumer interest and drive purchases.

The new label features a UPC on the front of the package to ensure a smooth front-end checkout for the consumer and a proper ring for the retailer.

"The Meyer lemon is a growing trend with restaurants and consumers," Mark Bassetti, senior vice president of customer development for Duda Farm Fresh Foods, said in the release. "We've developed our clamshell to make it more recognizable for consumers. The clamshell also keeps the Meyer lemons contained in an easy-to-store container that every home cook will appreciate."

Duda Farm Fresh Foods is a major grower, shipper and marketer of fresh citrus and fresh and fresh-cut vegetables with primary locations in Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan. Duda Farm Fresh Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Duda, a family-owned, diversified land company headquartered in Oviedo, FL.