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National Mango Board elects new officers for 2010

by | December 01, 2009
The Orlando, FL-based National Mango Board held a board meeting Nov. 17- 18 in Orlando, bringing together a diverse group of industry members from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the United States.

At the meeting, four new board officers were elected for the 2010 year: Chairman Larry Nienkerk of Splendid Products in Burlingame, CA; Vice Chairman Venancio Marti of Martex Farms in Carolina, Puerto Rico; Treasurer Tony Godinez of Godinez International in Hidalgo, TX; and Secretary Paul Barclay of Sociedad Agricola Saturno in Lima, Peru. In their new leadership roles, these board members will take on additional responsibilities, providing industry guidance and working with the NMB staff to manage the work of the board.

During the board meeting, staff provided updates on recent marketing, research and industry relations results, showing that by the third quarter of 2009, most programs had already exceeded their goals for the year. The board's three retail account managers, Cece Krumrine, Sheila Carden and Katie Manetti, were in attendance to present highlights of 2009 retail mango promotions for each of their respective regions; they also answered questions from board members about mango merchandising throughout the United States.

Also presented was a final review of the board's 2010 work plan and budget, which has been in development since early 2009 and on which the board voted and unanimously approved.

Following the official meeting, members toured a fresh-cut processing facility and three area supermarkets, which allowed them an inside look at how mangos are handled and merchandised in U.S. retail outlets. The tour provided an opportunity for foreign producers in particular to observe how mangos are displayed in the United States.

The November board meeting marked a successful close to the board's fourth year of operation, working on behalf of the mango industry to increase mango consumption in the United States by uniting the industry and strengthening the mango market.