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Blue Book announces collaboration with Lotpath

by | November 03, 2009
Blue Book Services Inc. has entered into a collaboration agreement with Fresno, CA-based Lotpath, a firm that enables food suppliers to share information about their products and production practices with consumers, retailers, trading partners and regulatory agencies, making Lotpath a registered developer with Blue Book Services.

Under terms of the program, Lotpath users can view select Blue Book listing information when searching for information on the Lotpath web site. In specific, visitors to the Lotpath web site can perform keyword searches, queries by location, and browse for suppliers and products by food category. When fruit or vegetable companies are the search focus, Blue Book listed firms will display in the results including their locations, commodities, and brands. Blue Book listings are prominently identified in Lotpath by the Blue Book seal.

"Transparency and traceability throughout the food supply chain is our mission," Mike Dodson, president and chief executive officer of Lotpath, said in an Oct. 28 press release. "Before signing up for Lotpath, produce companies who are listed in the Blue Book already have visibility in the Lotpath system. When a company signs up for a free Lotpath account, they can enhance their Blue Book listing and take the first step toward sharing information about their products, lots, and other traceable items."

In addition to providing whole supply chain visibility with trace back and track forward capability, Lotpath offers information-management tools that help members of the produce industry comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative. However, Lotpath's capabilities extend beyond PTI compliance, offering the ability to store supply chain information including locations, brands, products, vendors, components, orders, customers, shipments, lots, pallets, and other traceable items.

Lotpath is also a repository for information collected as events occur in the supply chain including third party certifications, chemical use reports, quality control reports, and multimedia files.

"We welcome Lotpath as a registered developer," Jim Bartelson, executive vice president of Carol Stream, IL-based Blue Book Services Inc., added in the press release. "Our mission is to provide Blue Book content where, when and how members need it. So, the arrangement with Lotpath is a very good fit and provides a useful complement to the suite of content, analytics, and tools now available via Blue Book Online Services."