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Babe Farms introduces Baby Lettuce Bouquet

by | October 22, 2009
Babe' Farms in Santa Maria, CA, has added Baby Lettuce Bouquet to its packaged baby head lettuce product lineup. This latest release is a collection of gourmet baby head lettuces combined with heads of elegant blonde baby frisee, packaged in convenient clamshell containers.

"The baby lettuces and platinum frisee are an attractive and savory combination," Ande Manos of Babe' Farms sales and marketing department said in a Sept. 30 press release. "Consumers are able to create a garden- fresh salad with specialty baby lettuces and accent it with tendrils of blonde frisee."

Babe' Farms' Bouquet lettuces are comprised of any one of six heads of baby lettuce varieties selected from the best in season of green or red oak, red perella, lollo rossa, red or green tango and speckled robin's egg lettuces, along with the heads of blonde baby frisee.

Consumer-friendly flag labels, offering fresh salad ideas and the recipe for Babe' Farms signature "Final Touch" salad dressing, are attached to the clamshells, which come six to a carton. Baby Lettuce Bouquet features bilingual packaging for Canada, has year-round availability and has a 14-day shelf life in proper refrigeration (34-36 degrees).

Blonde frisee is also available separately, with Babe' Farms growing, packing and shipping ultra-blanched product. A member of the chicory family, frisee has narrow frilly leaves with a blanched heart. Babe' Farms gourmet trimmed Blonde Frisee is a head of entirely yellow delicate tendrils with no green leaves and is virtually a 100 percent edible product.

"We've been growing regular baby and full-size frisee for over 20 years," Ms. Manos said in the release. "But with our mild climate [and] unique growing and harvesting practices, we're now able to produce this lovely, pale yellow head of frisee."

According to Ms. Manos, chefs treasure this type of delicate lettuce for its curl, texture and durability in heat. Additionally, this frisee is the ideal component for duck confit or for the French bistro classic salad with poached eggs and bacon.

Blonde frisee is grown year round at Babe' Farms and is packed 12 heads in the company's exclusive "Blonde Frisee" box.