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Veg-Tech launches new portable cooling system

by | September 21, 2009
A new portable pressure cooling system designed to expand forced-air cooling capabilities has moved past the development stage and is now available for tunnel cooling fruits and vegetables.

Developed by Salinas, CA-based Veg-Tech LLC, the portable cooling system -- called Cool. Anywhere. -- features a patented air-handling technology that provides exceptional cooling uniformity across all pallets.

"With all growers and shippers examining costs and limited resources, the portable cooling system allows producers to move with seasons and markets, expand their current cooling capabilities during peak harvest period, and capitalize on land and water opportunities where no cooling is available," Marc Nail, vice president of sales and marketing for Veg-Tech, said in a Sept. 8 press release. "The modular design allows for easy setup and phased moves as production progresses between geographic areas."

The fully modular Cool. Anywhere. system is a 12-pallet tunnel cooling trailer utilizing freon 404-A refrigerant. In addition to zero ozone depletion potential, the use of freon eliminates all ammonia permit, training, safety and liability issues. State-of-the-art refrigeration components deliver true fixed- base Class I temperature performance (32-36 degrees F product temperatures), cooling rates and energy efficiency.

Veg-Tech is working with Mike Azzopardi of Salinas Valley Cooling (a division of American Cooling), a major Salinas strawberry shipper, as its first customer and will have Cool. Anywhere. systems available for lease this fall.