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Firms team up to release anti-greening poly potato bags

by | September 15, 2009
Going "green" is great unless it's on your potatoes.

NNZ Inc. and Walnut Packaging Inc. have teamed up to manufacture, market and distribute the Spud Shade anti-greening poly potato bag.

The "Spud Shade" bag is a patented design that uses a co-extrusion film process that laminates regular poly to a special opaque poly that inhibits UV light from penetrating the front of the bag. This also allows a large area on the front of the bag for printing graphics for marketing purposes.

The back of the bag is a normal ventilated clear poly to allow consumers to see the quality and freshness of the product. By combining the two, it results in a win-win package for all parties.

Steve Greenfield, director of sales and marketing for NNZ Inc., said in a press release, "It really speaks to all the problems currently associated with red, gold and white potatoes turning green on the grocer's shelves. It's cost effective for the packer since it's a poly bag. It saves the retailer money by reducing shrink. It allows for high graphics and marketing on the front of the bag. And it allows consumers to see the quality of the product through the back of the bag. All that while preventing greening too."

The "Spud Shade" bag was recently entered into the Produce Marketing Association Impact Award: Excellence in Packaging competition, where it has received a nomination as one of the five finalists in the Supply Chain Efficiencies category. The winner will be announced Oct 3 during PMA's Fresh Summit International Convention & Exposition in Anaheim, CA.