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Offering value and versatility, Iceberg meets consumer demands

by | July 26, 2009
This summer, as consumers are looking for ways to enjoy healthy meals that help stretch the family's grocery budget, Iceberg lettuce can help achieve that goal by offering versatility, value and the "crunch factor" that's a natural for summer dishes.

Easy to prepare and naturally refreshing, Iceberg has always been a family favorite. In fact, a recent on-line national survey of 500 premium lettuce purchasers found that Iceberg is the most frequently purchased lettuce. The results also showed that nearly 70 percent of consumers think a whole head of Iceberg lettuce is a good value.

Tanimura & Antle, a leading grower-shipper of Iceberg lettuce based in Salinas, CA, is in contact with retail customers to support this steadfast variety that drives department sales, particularly in summer months.

"There's simply no better way to top a burger or sandwich, and obviously it makes a great salad, too," Rick Antle, chief executive officer of Tanimura & Antle, said in a July 20 press release. "Iceberg lettuce has always been a category staple, and these days that is no exception. This summer, we're simply reminding our customers that Tanimura & Antle Iceberg is backed by dedicated service and a flexibility to meet various needs."