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Keystone expanding Sweet Taste of Summer marketing campaign

by | June 16, 2009
Keystone Fruit Marketing's successful advertising campaign last summer encouraged consumers across Southern California to Make a Burger (or Salad) Better by adding Walla Walla River sweet onions to their favorite recipe.

This year, Keystone has plans to make its Summer marketing push bigger and better by expanding efforts into new West Coast markets, focusing more effectively on key geographic locations and outdoor media, and introducing a new message targeted at consumers.

Keystone's 2009 Walla Walla Sweet Onions advertising campaign -- The Sweet Taste of Summer -- will feature larger-than-life displays of savory summer delicacies. The campaign's visual appeal and message will look to help reinforce positive feelings about summer and family activities while encouraging consumers to make this summer even sweeter with Walla Walla onions, which are prized for their sweetness and flavor.

Building on the success it enjoyed in the Los Angeles market last year, Keystone will be running the Sweet Taste of Summer campaign on lighted bus shelters and transit buses as well as metro traffic radio advertising in Southern California.

The effort will be expanded this summer to include key regions of the Pacific Northwest, such as Seattle and Portland. In this region, the Sweet Taste of Summer message will be promoted through a range of outdoor billboards and radio advertisements.

In both the Southern California and Pacific Northwest markets, Keystone will focus its outdoor advertising (bus shelters and/or billboards) within close proximity to major grocery outlets.

"We've been very successful targeting consumers as they traveled to or passed nearby our selected key grocery stores," Dan Borer, director of Keystone's offices in Walla Walla, WA, said in a press release. "Our strategy proved very effective in driving consumers to stores and increasing summer retail sales of Walla Walla sweet onions in target areas. With this strong new message and our expanded coverage, we're going to do even better this summer. We're aggressively reaching out, and wise grocers will be ready to grab a big slice of the resulting summer sales."

Keystone's Sweet Taste of Summer advertising campaign will also be supported by a multi-faceted and aggressive public relations effort. Focusing on major metropolitan areas across Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, the program will seek to generate widespread print and broadcast media coverage of Walla Walla sweet onions and the many ways they can make summer sweeter. This influential earned media coverage will help carry Keystone's Taste of Summer message to more consumers than ever before.

"Summer means family fun, good times and great food," Mr. Borer added in the press release. "In this economy especially, consumers will be seeking out the simple joys of summer close to home. Our marketing campaign is designed to tap into this trend, and we're confident that resulting success will be -- in a word -- sweet."