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Russet Potato Exchange opens Chicago office

by | April 05, 2009
With sales and account presence all over the United States, Russet Potato Exchange decided its offices no longer needed to be confined only within the borders of Wisconsin. The organization opened its first satellite office in Chicago, which will be staffed by Mike Shamberg and John (Jay) Martini Jr., formerly of the Art Kramer Co.

RPE said that its interest in expanding its locations is based on its desire to be a category leader and offer its customers expanded services.

Russell Wysocki, president of RPE, said in a press release, "Our new Chicago office allows us to offer greater customer service levels and touch points within the Chicago market, as well as extended Midwest markets, by expanding our sales staff with experienced professionals like Mike and Jay."

Mr. Wysocki noted in the press release that "RPE's relationship of over 30 years with Mike [Shamberg] provided us with a high degree of confidence in his ability to lead our new effort and bring valuable assets that help the new office quickly get up to speed and continue to deliver on our corporate initiatives for quality execution. Additionally, Jay's experience with products like tomatoes gives us new areas of growth to explore. "

RPE Chicago is based in Skokie, IL, and officially opened for business March 23. In addition to handling potatoes, onions and tomatoes, RPE Chicago will be available for short service and will occasionally handle a variety of additional items including cabbage, carrots, melons and mixed root vegetables.