Flooding won't affect Red River Valley potato deal

by Tad Thompson | March 23, 2009
Flooding in the Red River Valley, reported on some national news outlets, is having no impact on Red River Valley potato growers, according to Ted Kreis, marketing director for the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association, based in East Grand Forks, MN.

Mr. Kreis told The Produce News March 23 that the flooding is "upstream" around Fargo, ND. "Upstream" on the Red River Valley is unique in the United States as a southerly direction for a major river. The Red River of the north flows north into Canada.

Mr. Kreis said that all of the valley's potatoes are in storage and that no storages are being affected by the flooding. "Fields will be flooded," he said, but those fields won't be planted until May, so there will be no adverse impact on the 2009 potato crop.