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Tanimura & Antle introduces new clamshell packaging for 'Artisan' line

by Brian Gaylord | March 09, 2009
Tanimura & Antle Inc. has introduced new, exclusive scalloped clamshell packaging for its four- and six-count packages of "Artisan" lettuce, available for retail and clubstore sales.

The "Artisan" lettuce selections of fully mature, petite head lettuces are available in new, proprietary scalloped clamshell packaging designed to ensure freshness and a shelf life longer than packaged salad.

By offering whole heads that can be left intact until ready for use, "Artisan" lettuce provides a fresher alternative to packaged salads and blends. When properly stored, the product has a shelf life of more than two weeks, said T&A Chief Executive Officer Rick Antle.

He said that shelf life can be "15 percent longer with a clamshell vs. a bag."

The packaging has been customized to protect each fully mature, petite lettuce head by cradling it in separate "scallops."

"We started with off-the-shelf clamshells, but the product was moving in transit," Mr. Antle said.

The package also uses as much as 12 percent less material than a typical square clamshell, making it a more environmentally responsible product.

Additionally, the new clear labels on the four- and six-count clamshells do not obscure the leaf colors, textures and varieties.

"The introduction of this packaging goes hand-in-hand with our core business values of bringing only the highest standards of quality to the market," Mr. Antle said.

"Artisan" lettuce varieties are Red and Green Petite Gem, Red and Green Petite Oak, and Red and Green Petite Tango. "Artisan" lettuce products come in a variety of head counts, including two- and four-count packages for retail, six-count packages for clubstores and 16- to 20-count cartons for foodservice.

"Artisan" lettuce can be used with salads, sandwiches, burgers and garnishes. The variety of individual heads provided in each package eliminates the need to purchase multiple heads of lettuce, and unlike packaged salads, allows for customized blends.

"You can create a salad the way you want. The yield is twice the amount of five-ounce spring mix," said Mr. Antle, who added that petite lettuce also is "great for the center of the plate."

The "Artisan" lettuce is available year round and is grown on T&A's farms in Salinas, CA, from about mid-April through mid-October and in Yuma, AZ, from about mid-October through mid-April.