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Aurora's new 'Grab & Go line targets busy, health-conscious consumers

by | February 19, 2009
Aurora Products Inc., based in Stratford, CT, has launched the Aurora Natural line of 12 "Grab & Go" healthy snacks to meet the demands of today's busy consumer lifestyles.

Products in the new line are targeted toward health-conscious consumers because they are affordable and can be easily thrown into backpacks, lunch boxes or travel bags.

"Offering healthy snack options is key to providing good nutrition and supporting healthier eating habits," Stephanie Blackwell, founder of Aurora Products, said in a Feb. 18 press release. "We care very deeply in helping consumers live a healthier lifestyle, and our products help consumers prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity."

The Aurora Natural line offers 12 different items packed in three- to six- ounce bags. Among the offerings are:

* Salted roasted almonds: Rich in fiber and protein, Aurora's almonds are freshly roasted and lightly salted.

* Raw almonds: Freshly harvested raw almonds are a great source of protein and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

* Salted pistachios: Dry roasted pistachios are rich in fiber, and nutrient dense. Every nut is salted just right and full of flavor.

* Salted roasted mixed nuts: Aurora mixes their nuts using only premium quality freshly roasted nuts. Every nut is rich in fiber, antioxidants and packed with protein.

* Salted roasted sunflower seeds: Rich in vitamin E, vitamin B1 and magnesium, Aurora's sunflower seeds are freshly roasted and salted just right. Full of flavor, they offer nutrition in every bite.

* Salted roasted cashews: Freshly roasted and rich in fiber, antioxidants and packed with protein. Every nut is salted just right.

* Cranberry health trail mix: As the name implies, it is full of delicious cranberries, as well as healthy nuts.

* Pacific almond trail mix: Mixed with the best quality nuts and dried fruits, offering just the right combination to fit consumers' palates.

* Rocky Mountain mix: Nuts, dried fruits and chocolate. Everything is all natural and preservative free.

* Unsalted cashews: A great source of protein. Low in sodium and good for your heart.

* Sweetened banana chips: Contain no artificial colors or additives. Packed full of healthy energy.

* Dried cranberries: Dried cranberries contain healthy antioxidants that combat heart disease. In addition, they are sweet, yet tart at the same time.

"Aurora Natural" branded snacks can be found at retailers such as Stop & Shop, Giant, Shaw's, Shop Rite, Whole Foods, A&P, Big Y, Price Chopper, Acme, Pathmark and quality independent stores. The vast array of the product lines can be found in the produce or all-natural sections within the stores.