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Maxco-Proactive alliance looks to bring packaging to the next level

by | February 04, 2009
Maxco Supply Inc. in Parlier, CA, and Proactive Packaging & Display Inc., with locations in Stockton, CA, and Ontario, CA, have signed a multi-year, strategic alliance agreement to better serve the agricultural industry's packaging needs with the ultimate goal of producing premium packaging with as little impact on the environment as possible.

The alliance provides for superior package construction and graphics for consumers, while at the same time helping to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using less paper and less power in production.

For its part, Maxco is introducing a new micro-flute configuration specifically designed for agricultural packaging. Over the last two years, Joe Sepe, general manager at Maxco, has worked hard to move the company's packaging away from the usual dual arch box construction to a double-wall format. The most recent advancement allows for a triple wallboard product using a technologically advanced, ultra-lightweight paper, which Mr. Sepe believes will ultimately reduce the weight of the box, yet increase the strength of the container.

With Maxco's goal of producing a super grape container for long-term storage, the micro-flute configuration also will reduce moisture penetration to the product in cold storage while at the same time increase top-to- bottom performance overall.

Proactive's part of the alliance is to supplement customer options in the actual printing of the packaging boxes, with Proactive having broadened its use of litho printing and heightened the use of flexo printing for ag packaging products.

While Maxco's own in-house graphic design and printing operations are known for their innovation in sustainable printing techniques, Proactive's premium printing technology will give the customer even more options for cutting-edge print quality with a sustainable container.

Industry and consumer demand is what drove both companies to form this alliance through which each can use its individual strengths to create a product that will help set both of them apart as leaders in the agricultural marketplace.

"Demand for more sustainable packaging answers is very high in today's market, and rightfully so," Mark Flaming, vice president of operations and sales at Maxco Supply Inc., said in a Jan. 27 press release. "Protecting the environment has always been a Maxco priority, so it's only natural that we move production in this sustainable direction."

Clive Costa, director of marketing for Proactive, added in the press release, "We've had a huge response from clubstores and large retailers, and it goes without saying we're proud to be a part of an alliance that provides not only a better product for the customer but is better for the environment in the end."