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Salyer American shifting to plastic pallets

by | January 12, 2009
Salyer American Fresh Foods' U.S. customers will soon take receipt of their fresh produce on lightweight, durable, hygienic, all-plastic pallets embedded with radio frequency identification tags.

The switch from wood pallets marks a significant technological advancement in Salyer's domestic distribution systems while supporting efforts for environmental sustainability.

"Incorporating all-plastic, RFID-tagged pallets into our supply-chain infrastructure brings greater value to our customers from both a food-quality and food-safety perspective in addition to being environmentally responsible," Allan Sabatier, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Salyer American, said in a press release.

The all-plastic pallet reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infestation, while its top-deck coverage lowers the risk of product damage. In addition, each pallet is embedded with state-of-the-art RFID tags, improving asset management and enabling real-time tracking throughout the supply chain.

The 47-pound, edge rackable, 48x40-inch pallets meet or exceed the Grocery Manufacturers of America pallet standards. Additionally, customers will not have to worry about loose wood, nails or foreign objects. The all- plastic, 100 percent recyclable pallets are about 30 percent lighter and more durable than their wood counterparts, making them easier to handle.

Salyer American will source the pallets from Intelligent Global Pooling Systems.