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SunnyRidge receives first raspberry shipment from company-owned farms in Mexico

by | January 11, 2009
SunnyRidge Farm Inc. has successfully received the first shipment of raspberries from its company-owned farms in Jalisco, Mexico, which was sold to one of its top retailer customers.

Initial feedback on the berries was excellent. "We are pleased with the appearance, flavor and shelf life that we are seeing from our raspberries," Keith Mixon, president of SunnyRidge Farm Inc., said in a press release. "With the kickoff of our raspberry program from Mexico, we are moving forward with aiming to provide retailers with a great-tasting, year-round supply of the most popular berries."

SunnyRidge is growing both proprietary and non-proprietary varieties at its Mexico operation in Jalisco. The proprietary varieties are grown in coordination with Redeva of the United Kingdom. In addition, the company is testing additional varieties from the University of North Carolina, continuing its commitment to innovation.

"As always, the goal of our research and development projects is to continue to further the industry through the development of berries that will deliver to the retailer and consumer a better-tasting, better-colored, large berry that is easily shippable and has a longer shelf life," Mr. Mixon added in the press release.