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Cal Poly study provides Duda with direction on new packaging

by | January 14, 2009
A consumer research project conducted by agribusiness marketing students at Cal Poly for Duda Farm Fresh Foods has resulted in new packaging and product promotion for the company's clementines, the easy-to-peel, fresh citrus that is especially popular with children.

"The findings from the Cal Poly study told us that children are likely to request a snack because they notice the character on the packaging," Nichole Towell, marketing manager for Duda Farm Fresh Foods, said in a press release. "In response to this, we've cleaned up our packaging by giving our clementine character, Dandy Dude, a more competitive image and developed a female character, Mandy, for a well rounded appeal."

The new clementine packaging began distribution this month and will continue throughout the year. Duda Farm Fresh Foods provides clementines on a year-round basis to provide consumers with a deliciously sweet and healthy snacking option that is ready to eat and convenient for consumers on the go.

"Clementines continue to show incredible growth at retail as consumers continue to move towards this easy-to-peel, excellent-eating piece of fruit," Mark Bassetti, senior vice president of customer development, said in the release. "The clementine segment represents over 10 percent of total citrus sales, and these portable, easy-to-peel fruits have the most growth potential in the overall citrus category. Promoting a healthier lifestyle with a product that consumers demand is a winner for everyone."

Duda Farm Fresh Foods is committed to delivering quality, innovation and service to its customers. The nationwide fruit and vegetable company uses consumer research to guide development of new varieties and innovations in packaging and merchandising.