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For detailed information on advertising with The Produce News
download our MEDIA KIT which contains information about our circulation, advertising rates and ad specifications.

You can also see a digital FLIP BOOK version of our media kit HERE.

The Produce News is a BPA audited publication. For a complete copy of our BPA International Circulation Statement, click HERE

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Why advertise with The Produce News

1. More audited buyer readers for 60% less cost. Balanced circulation coverage of retail, wholesale and foodservice buyer segments. We do not “fluff” our circulation list with retail store level subs, or multi-copy same addressee subs. This “retail numbers game,” played by other publishers, leaves fewer subscribers in the critical wholesale and foodservice categories. For every store-level retail sub added to “fluff” the retail numbers, your ad with them loses your exposure to a key wholesale or foodservice buyer sub. Check the audits or “sworn statements” of our competitors. The Produce News does not sacrifice your ad’s exposure to key wholesale and foodservice buyers in an attempt to bulk up retail numbers with store-level subs.

2. BPA Audited circulation gives you confidence in our coverage claims. If you are thinking about buying a non-audited publication, think twice.

3. Affordable and justifiable ad rates that leave room in your budget for frequency, the key to an effective ad program. Meaningful frequency discounts on space and color, not just space.

4. Quality content means readership of your ad message. Vast majority of our content is generated by our seasoned staff of editors. We are originators, not aggregators.

5. Produce News - Advance Edition. Digital e-mail of print edition to large database of subscribers gives your ad message “value added” exposure at no additional cost. Digital version of print edition available here.