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There have been numerous produce growers and shippers in the news lately for reasons they would rather not be: recalls, foodborne illness outbreaks and, in one notable case, even prison terms for company principals.

“Unfortunately, the court of public opinion renders its verdict within 24 hours after the first reporter calls or the first TV camera goes on,” said Cheryl Miller, chief executive officer of Tampa, FL-based At The Table Public Relations. “How you handle the first 24 hours of a crisis can make all the difference.”

The most critical factor is having a public relations crisis communications plan in place ahead of any incident, added the company’s Bill Barlow.

“Just like the military has guns they hope they never have to fire and you have Band-Aids in your medicine chest you hope you’ll never need, you’ve got to be ready for things you can’t predict are going to happen,” Barlow said. “How you get through a crisis is can be as simple as the difference between being proactive or reactive.”

A proactive approach has a plan in place for dealing with any crisis. A reactive approach comes across to the public and media as a deer-in-the-headlights moment.

“When most people are reactive they’re huddling internally trying to sort out what to do. Meanwhile the media’s contacting them, reporters are hitting deadlines, they’re not getting answers, they’re speculating. Now the first round of coverage is speculative then it gets worse and worse and worse,” Barlow said. “If you’re proactive you meet them at the curb — you come out, you’ve got a designated spokesperson, you’ve got some stock answers and hopefully some media training and are ready to deal with the situation because you had a crisis plan in place which allows you to meet the situation head on and look like you have it under control.”

Determining how prepared a company is for a crisis is a fairly simple process. ATTPR has a five-question checklist that makes the process painless:

Do you have a written crisis plan in place now?

Do you have selected spokespersons and are they media trained?

Do you have your initial crisis team contact list developed and does everyone in your company know and understand their responsibilities during a crisis?

Do you know what to say or how to handle queries when news media contact you about your crisis?

Do you have resources in place should a crisis exceed your capabilities or outside resources that can give you objective counsel?

“If you don’t know or can’t answer or you’re not sure, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a professional,” Miller said.

“A lot of people think they don’t need a crisis plan but that’s the same as the military saying, ‘We’re not going to buy guns until someone shoots at us,’ “ Barlow said.

Whether a company handles crisis public relations communications in-house or relies on outside professionals, an independent — and unbiased —agency can help.

“We have a toolkit that helps companies make sure they have at least gone through the initial steps of preparation so when they do have a crisis they can move quickly,” Miller said. “We have out-of-the-box and custom solutions for any situation.”

Better yet, ATTPR and other professionals often offer no-cost evaluations of companies’ current crisis PR preparation plans.

“First of all you have to have an objective view of the situation,” Barlow said. “That’s something every company thinks they’re capable of but in reality — and especially under pressure — that’s usually not obtainable. Second you have to balance that plan with your corporate agenda. Third, it’s got to make reasonable sense for any situation. If you can balance those three things you can establish a good plan. But generally the objective opinion does not come from within.”

Added Miller, “In 2013, there’s no excuse to be hanging in the breeze when it comes to crisis preparation.”

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Grapes from California campaign kicks off on Food Network
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Cherry crop update from Domex
Dave Gleason, chief horticulturalist for Domex Superfresh Growers, provides and update on this year's cherry crop in one of its lower Yakima Valley orchards. Harvest is progressing nicely this year, and color is developing due to warm weather with cool... Read more
PMA launches redesigned website, provides better access to resources
In response to member feedback and as part of its new strategic plan implementation, the Produce Marketing Association unveiled its redesigned website ( Tuesday, May 27. With a fresh new design, completely new structure, a fully functioning... Read more
Protecting the 2014 Pacific Northwest cherry crop
As producers move into the 2014 cherry production season in the Pacific Northwest, they will concern themselves with protecting the precious fruit from rain and the damage that can be done to ripe cherries. Domex Superfresh Growers provides some insights... Read more
Good season expected for Pacific Northwest cherries
Mother Nature has been a cooperative lady in the Pacific Northwest, and the region's producers are anticipating a good cherry season for the highly prized fruit in 2014. It's 80 days and counting for Domex Superfresh Growers in Yakima, WA. Read more
Wish Farms' consumer program features recipe videos
Wish Farms is offering a year-round supply of conventional and organic strawberries and blueberries. With the Florida strawberry season completed, focus has turned to the California strawberry season and Florida blueberry season. Wish Farms grows strawberries... Read more
Domex Superfresh Growers' orchard tech
Domex Superfresh Growers continues to innovate with use of GPS-equipped tractors as technology moves from the drawing board to the orchard. Use of GPS allows the tractor to create a planting line within an inch of accuracy. A specialized plant platform... Read more
Produce Alliance leads fundraising campaign for children’s hospital
Produce Alliance LLC, one of the larger produce management services companies in the United States, leverages its national distribution and grower-shipper network to lead an annual philanthropic campaign benefitting one of Chicago’s premiere Children’s... Read more
Local sponsorship fuels national health and fitness messaging for California Giant
California Giant Berry Farms has teamed up with the local D-League Basketball Team for the Golden State Warriors this season and launched a kids club to promote health and fitness to fans. The partnership with the Santa Cruz Warriors D-League team resulted... Read more
CMI's high-quality KIKU apples
From picking at the peak of ripeness, to polishing and preserving freshness, to packing, there are a lot of steps involved in making sure that "KIKU" brand apples are high in quality and exceptionally sweet. Columbia Marketing International provided... Read more
E. Armata completes renovation of Hunts Point facility
E. Armata, a fourth-generation family-run fruit and vegetable wholesaler located in the Hunts Point terminal market in the Bronx, NY, has been in business for over 100 years. Today, it is a tenant of major significance on the market... Read more
Limited supplies of Kanzi apples hit the market
Washington-grown "Kanzi" brand apples are hitting U.S. markets this week. Due to high demand for this premium apple — in combination with limited early production on young trees — supplies are limited. An unfortunate hail event last season eliminated... Read more
Super Bowl spud challenge a win-win for food banks
During the days leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, several challenges have been made by fans of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks — including a major wager between the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee and the Washington State Potato Commission. The... Read more
Florida's wintertime strawberry production leads the nation
Florida Strawberry Growers Association Executive Director Ted Campbell talks about Florida’s $400 million winter strawberry deal as the season ramps up to full volume this month. The area within a 20-mile radius of FSGA headquarters in Plant City, FL,... Read more
Atlanta’s General Produce named Georgia Family Business of the Year
General Produce Inc. of Atlanta began more than 50 years ago as a purveyor of bananas and has since grown to become one of the Southeast’s larger distributors of produce — from apples to zucchini — with its own fleet of more than 100 trucks providing... Read more
Georgia Pecan season in full swing during National Pecan Month
Sure, Georgia is known for peaches, but since the late 1800s the state has led the nation in pecan production. November is National Pecan Month and Georgia pecan growers are getting ready for the hectic holiday season. Here, grower Al Pearson talks with... Read more
Meijer reduced carbon footprint by nearly 60 percent in three years
Midwest retailer Meijer operates one of the largest all-clean diesel fleets in North America. As part of its ongoing green initiatives, the Grand Rapids, MI-based retailer’s fleet utilized innovative technology to improve fuel efficiency and reduce... Read more
Banana journey from jungle to supermarket is an amazing ride
Ever wonder just how bananas get from tropical jungles to suburban supermarkets? It’s quite a journey as Turbana, a leading supplier of bananas and vegetables from Colombia, reveals in this video. Read more
Turbana partners with One Laptop Per Child organization
Turbana, a leading supplier of bananas and vegetables from Colombia, has partnered with the One Laptop Per Child organization to bring rugged, durable laptops to remote impoverished area. The goal is to provide access to knowledge that can change lives. Find... Read more



New products, good service fuel sales for Church Bros.
Creating customized blends that focus on flavor is fueling unprecedented sales growth for Salinas, CA-based Church Bros. LLC. “We just looked at our weekly numbers and we are breaking records in every category,” said Ernst Van Eeghen, vice president of marketing and product development for the long time Salinas Valley grower-shipper. Church Bros. has made a concerted effort to customize its salad blends for its customers while focusing on improving the flavor... Read more
Concord Foods operates in fresh and manufactured-food realms
BROCKTON, MA — For Concord Foods Inc., a discussion on market positioning is an interesting mix of produce marketing combined with consumer products marketing.   For example, a new kale and apple smoothie mix will be coming from the marketing office, test kitchen and production line of this suburban-Boston food manufacturer. Peter Neville, company president and chief executive officer, with Samantha McCaul, marketing manager, and Charles Olins, vice president... Read more
Coosemans LA + Shipping prides itself on employee longevity
Dale Firman, managing partner of Coosemans LA Shipping, a fixture on the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market since 1982, doesn’t have an exact formula for successfully retaining employees, but he and his partner, Alan Pollack, have certainly created a work environment where employees grow and thrive. “Word gets out where the opportunities exist,” he commented. “Because of our reputation as innovators and as fair and creative business people, a lot of highly... Read more
Professional Produce adds organics, completes food-safety initiative
Professional Produce, located in the Los Angeles suburb of Vernon, CA, recently hired John McCormick, and is planning on handling organics, in addition to conventional produce, said President Ted Kaplan in an interview with The Produce News. The organic program, which the company was “just starting,” will include citrus and “a few other items,” Kaplan added. Prior to joining Professional Produce, McCormick worked for Muranaka Farms. Before that, he was with Ralph’s... Read more
Nature Fresh Farms to expand successful organic line
Nature Fresh Farms recently added organic bell peppers to its product offering, and the line has been so successful, the company plans to double its current five-acre production next year. Nature Fresh is also doing trials for various types of tomatoes and will eventually branch out into cucumbers, zucchini and eggplant. Chief Executive Officer Peter Quiring said the move was in response to customer demand. “We saw the growth in the category and it wasn’t slowing... Read more
BYRON CENTER, MI — The Michigan vegetable deal for Van Solkema Produce Inc. is progressing well, according to Todd Van Solkema, chief executive officer of the family business, located here. The crops “are all about two weeks late,” Van Solkema told The Produce News the first week of June. He said Michigan cabbage shipments would begin about June 20. Squash harvest was expected to begin in mid-June. Radish shipments for Van Solkema started on May 28. “Carrots are... Read more
When Hollandia Produce LP in Carpinteria, CA, works with customers in the foodservice community, “we are mostly talking about white tablecloth establishments,” said Vince Choate, director of marketing, in an interview with The Produce News, June 24. “Most of the foodservice business we do generally serves that particular niche within the foodservice sector.” The company’s “two entry points” with those establishments are “our flagship product, which is the living... Read more
“Southern Specialties is growing and shipping fabulous specialty tomatoes that are perfect for all summer tomato recipes,” said Charlie Eagle, vice president of business development for the Pompano Beach, FL-based grower, importer and shipper of high-quality specialty produce. “Chefs can create unsurpassed dishes with a selection of our heirloom, baby heirloom, teardrops and yellow beef tomatoes.” Eagle explained that Southern Specialties started supplying white... Read more
Foodservice is an important sector for Prime Time International in Coachella, CA, which specializes in colored bell peppers and mini-sweet peppers. The company has been exhibiting at the Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference & Expo in Monterey, CA, “for maybe a dozen years or so,” said Mike Aiton, Marketing Manager of Prime Time Sales LLC. “For our business and for the type of people we see there and the things we are trying to accomplish, it... Read more
MAHWAH, NJ — As it has for many years, Supreme Cuts is very much looking forward to the Produce Marketing Association’s annual Foodservice Conference & Expo, scheduled this year for July 25-27 at the Monterey Conference Center in Monterey, CA. Supreme Cuts, a precut vegetable processor perhaps best known for its high-quality line of snipped green beans, has been attending the popular foodservice conference for more than six years. “It’s a great show for us,”... Read more
George Wooten, president of Wayne E. Bailey, headquartered in Chadbourn, NC, told The Produce News that the company, a leading producer of sweet potatoes, will be exhibiting at the PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo in Monterey, CA, on July 25-27. The company will be represented by Ronnie Mercer, a company sales manager. “Ronnie will be reiterating to our customers and prospective customers about the availability of the sweet potato sizes that we offer,” said... Read more
“We will be promoting our line of ‘Sunset’ tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers at the 2014 PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo in Monterey, CA, on July 25-27,” said Daniela Ferro, communication coordinator for Mastronardi Produce Ltd, headquartered in Kingsville, Ontario. “We will be focusing on this year’s must-have tomato — the ‘Y.E.L.O.,’ which stands for ‘Youth, Energy, Life and Om.’” The company will be exhibiting at Booth No.134 at the PMA Foodservice event. Mastronardi... Read more
Michael Layous, sales and marketing representative for The Garlic Co., a grower, packer and shipper headquartered in Bakersfield, CA, said the company will be exhibiting at Booth No. 46 at the upcoming PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo in Monterey, CA, July 25-27. "Our team will be represented at the event by John Layous, a partner, Bob Lords, sales representative, and me," said Layous. "Our variety of garlic products and pack types will be on full display,”... Read more
The PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo is a must-attend venue for River Point Farms, headquartered in Hermiston, OR. “Our River Point Farms sales team looks forward to the PMA Foodservice show every year,” Customer Service Representative Mackenzie Mills told The Produce News. “The PMA Foodservice show is an important opportunity for us to meet with our customers and listen to their changing needs, and also learn about new trends in the produce industry. It is... Read more
Jeff Olsen, president of The Chuck Olsen Co. in Visalia, CA, said the company plans to talk about the services and programs that are available for the commodities it handles at this year’s PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo. Olsen will be available at Booth No. 94 along with Tom Salisbury, Dave Perez and Pat Simas. “We are able to talk with our customers and possibly build some new relationships,” he told The Produce News. The Chuck Olsen Co. grows and markets... Read more
Fred Recchiuti, general manager of Basciani Foods Inc, also commonly referred to as Basciani Mushrooms, headquartered in Avondale, PA, told The Produce News that the company recently launched a new website, The highly graphic and colorful site offers trade and consumer links that describe the company and its product line in full. It also features a four-minute video segment that was part of an “Epicurious,” episode, which is a Condé Nast production. Michael... Read more
Nichole Towell, director of marketing for Duda Farm Fresh Foods Inc., headquartered in Oviedo, FL, said that with nearly 90 years of growing experience, the company is one of the largest growers and processors of celery not only in the United States, but globally. “Our fresh-cut celery products are marketed under the ‘Dandy’ brand and sold and served in retail and food service establishments throughout North America year-round,” said Towell. “This year at the PMA... Read more
“We’ll be at Booth No. 25 at the PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo on July 25-27,” said Patsy Ross, marketing director for Christopher Ranch LLC, headquartered in Gilroy, CA. “We will be represented there by Anthony DeAngelis, director, northeast division, and Eric Kraus, Jason Minici and Rick Dyer, all sales representatives. Ross said that the company will be promoting its new crop of “Monviso” peeled garlic cloves, roasted garlic, peeled cipolline and boiler... Read more
Church Bros. LLC in Salinas, CA, which has enjoyed an increase in every category of its business, will be showcasing several new products at its booth at the Produce Marketing Association's Foodservice Conference & Expo in Monterey, CA, July 27, according to Ernst Van Eeghen, vice president of marketing. Among the new products are a blend of baby kales with spinach, chards and radicchio, a blend of Treviso and Romaine, and a mix of green heart leaves and Romaine... Read more
Two-compartment clam a hit for Zuhlke
The new two-compartment clamshell introduced by Kurt Zuhlke & Associates earlier this year has met with resounding marketplace acceptance. Owner and President Kurt Zuhlke said this new packaging builds upon successes realized with three-compartment packaging introduced a year ago designed to hold a trio of tomatoes or berries. The two-compartment clam are big enough for two people to enjoy berry combinations such as blueberries and raspberries in quantities... Read more


 George Tanimura's 100th birthday celebration
George Tanimura of Tanimura & Antle celebrated his milestone centennial birthday this weekend. Family, business partners and friends joined together to honor Tanimura at a gala dinner, which was held... Read more
Watermelon Night a success
CHARLESTON, SC — In a game that began and ended with watermelon, the Charleston RiverDogs snapped an eight-game losing streak July 5 at Riley Park here by defeating the Rome, GA, Braves, 9-1 in South Atlantic... Read more
60th Summer Fancy Food Show
The 60th Summer Fancy Food show, one of the larger marketplaces devoted exclusively to specialty food in North America, took place June 29-July 1 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.... Read more
Fresh Produce & Floral Council luncheon
Nearly 300 people attended the Fresh Produce & Floral Council Membership Luncheon on Wednesday, June 25, at the Sheraton Cerritos in Cerritos, CA. Sheryl Salazar, assistant produce sales manager of... Read more
EPC holds last meeting before summer break
PATERSON, NJ — The Eastern Produce Council held its final dinner-meeting Tuesday evening, June 24, here at The Brownstone, before taking a little time off for its traditional summer break. Earthbound Farm... Read more
PMA Fresh Connections: Retail
More than 170 attendees from the fresh produce and floral industry gathered in Philadelphia June 18-19 for networking and education at the Produce Marketing Association's Fresh Connections: Retail. Attendees... Read more
SPC holds golf tournament for charity
BRASELTON, GA — The Southeast Produce Council held its inaugural Charity Golf Classic Wednesday, June 18, to raise money for the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, with a silent auction held the evening... Read more
United Fresh 2014 kicks off
The United Fresh Produce Association kicked off its 2014 convention in Chicago with an opening reception held at Millenium Park. The reception followed the joint United/FMI General Session, which featured... Read more
Jersey Fresh hosts EPC meeting for 27th consecutive year
The Eastern Produce Council's May 20 dinner meeting took place under clear blue skies and delightfully warm temperatures. As always, a large crowd gathered at Demarest Farm in Hillsdale, NJ, which for... Read more
FPFC holds Northern California golf tourney
The Callippe Preserve Golf Course in Pleasanton, CA, served as the venue for the ninth annual Northern California Golf Tournament of the Fresh Produce & Floral Council held on Friday, May 16. More... Read more


Ambrosia test shows how consumers access information
Understanding how consumers utilize package information to access Web and digital information are key questions CMI is attempting to answer via a new test of the "Ambrosia" brand apple pouch bag.   “Use of premium packaging has been trending upward in the apple industry as well as the produce industry overall,” Steve Lutz, vice president of marketing for... Read more
Baloian Farms continues growth momentum
As a leader in West Coast pepper production, Baloian Farms has recently completed improvements to its packing facility. The facilities were completed just in time for its local mini-sweet, baby Bell, green pepper, red pepper season, as well as all repack and value-added packing operations. The plans for renovations were started in the fall of 2013, and construction... Read more
Retailers can bank on bumper S.C. peach crop: Eubanks
COLUMBIA, SC — Supermarket produce departments can bank on an excellent volume of quality South Carolina peaches this summer, despite a cold snap that damaged early-season peaches in the state, said Martin Eubanks, South Carolina assistant commissioner of agriculture. “We lost the first six weeks of the growing season due to a late-spring freeze, but we’ll... Read more
San Luis Valley 2014 spud acreage increased, fingerlings on the rise
ALAMOSA, CO — With potato acreage up 8.5 percent over 2013’s numbers, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee Executive Director Jim Ehrlich responded optimistically when asked recently about the 2014 San Luis Valley crop. The annual flyover took place during the week of June 16, and Ehrlich said the official acreage number was set at 54,200, compared to 49,700... Read more
California Cantaloupe Board consumer sweepstakes builds on food-safety program
The California Cantaloupe Advisory Board’s Summertime Yum & Cantaloupe Fun online sweepstakes promotion is designed to draw more people to the organization’s website and social media properties to build consumer confidence and increase consumption of California cantaloupes. Last year the California cantaloupe industry established a new mandatory food-safety... Read more
 New TIPA conference promotes U.S.-Mexico border and produce diversity
The Texas International Produce Association has announced plans to host the inaugural VIVA Fresh Conference & Expo March 26-28, 2015 at the Hilton Austin in Austin, Texas. The expo, which is meant to highlight the “Gateway to the Americas,” will focus on showcasing produce grown in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. The new VIVA Fresh Expo was created... Read more
Del Monte launches 'Nature Made' fresh-cut offerings, expands Dallas facility
Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc. is expanding its extensive fresh cut fruit and vegetable product offerings to include complete meal single-serve salad bowls as well as fresh fruit and protein snack packs under the "Nature Made' brand. The new products coincide with the expansion of operating facilities and production lines in Dallas and will also include new... Read more
DeVaney to head new tree fruit association
Jon DeVaney, who has served as the executive director of the Yakima Growers-Shippers Association since 2009, has been named as president of the newly formed Washington State Tree Fruit Association, effective Sept. 1. The new association represents a merger of four industry organizations in Washington state: Yakima Growers-Shippers Association, Wenatchee Valley... Read more
Imported apple sales growing alongside Southern Hemisphere production
Import apple sales continue to grow in U.S. supermarkets. The latest data from Nielsen Perishables Group through June 1 shows strong increases in sales and volume for key import apple brands. “International production from our Southern Hemisphere club variety partners continues to grow and we’re seeing it payoff in terms of greater supermarket sales during the... Read more
GloriAnn Farms donates to Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
After a two-year success, GloriAnn Farms and its partner, Five Crowns Marketing, are once again featuring their "Support Our Troops" campaign. For every retail case of corn sold to participating retailers in August, GloriAnn Farms will make a donation to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which contributes to the families of military personnel lost or injured in... Read more
In Ventura County, north of Los Angeles, lemons and avocados often compete for the same ground, and many growers produce both crops. For a good portion of the spring and early summer, those two crops also competed as to which had the higher f.o.b. prices. But as the summer wears on, both markets are expected to come off their highs, though they should remain... Read more
Some drivers for three of the largest drayage companies serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach began “an indefinite strike” on Monday, July 7, as dock worker officials took a three-day hiatus in their negotiations with West Coast port officials on a new labor contract. The effect of the trucker strike on the movement of cargo around the port complex... Read more
Unified Grocers names new VP of logistics
Unified Grocers Inc. announced that Vic Versino has joined the company as vice president of logistics. He joins the company from DVD rental kiosk company Redbox, where he was vice president of logistics and inventory, responsible for streamlining and automating distribution operations. Previously, Versino held logistics leadership positions with Supervalu,... Read more
Peru a key asparagus supplier to the U.S. market
The Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association has released its 2014-15 category management plan outline for fresh Peruvian asparagus. It noted that fresh asparagus continues to be a high-volume U.S. import, with over 403 million pounds imported into the U.S. and consumed throughout the United States, according to the Department of Commerce. Peru remains to be... Read more
Capespan North America launches ClemGems
Capespan North America, a leader in supplying deciduous and citrus fruit year-round to North American retailers, club stores and wholesalers, announced the launch of ClemGem, the brand name for the company’s clementines and other easy-peeling soft citrus products. “We developed the branding to be especially kid-friendly,” Mark Greenberg, chief executive officer... Read more
Fresno Food Expo set to showcase San Joaquin Valley July 24
The San Joaquin Valley is buzzing with activity as one of the world's biggest produce supplying regions picks, packs and ships fruits and vegetables around the globe. The San Joaquin Valley represents over 69 percent of the commodities in California and is home to seven of California's top 10 agricultural producing counties. The Fresno Food Expo is also buzzing... Read more
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service expected to recommence issuing phytosanitary certificates effective July 7 for U.S. potato exports to cities within a 26-kilometer zone along the U.S.-Mexico border after receiving confirmation from SAGARPA, the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, that exports to that zone will be... Read more
Ready Pac raising awareness about organic spinach sustainability
Ready Pac Foods Inc. sponsored a symposium on the sustainability of organic spinach, hosted by The United Vegetable Growers Cooperative. The event was held June 24 in Seaside, CA, and spotlighted the growing threat of Downey Mildew to organic spinach yields to help raise awareness within the industry and among fresh-cut produce consumers. During the symposium’s... Read more
Chiquita Brands announced the release of an expanded consumer loyalty app, Chiquita FanFun. The content-rich app features numerous interactive games, customizable photos, fun quizzes, a sweepstakes and hundreds of recipes to engage users and reward them with loyalty points that can be redeemed for a variety of "Chiquita" brand merchandise. “We are expanding... Read more
Association moving quickly to address industry needs
The Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association is showing itself to be a driving force, unifying agricultural producers and industry partners under a common banner. The association incorporated this past January with a common goal of being a "portal for communication among fruit and vegetable growers around the state, big and small," according to the... Read more