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There have been numerous produce growers and shippers in the news lately for reasons they would rather not be: recalls, foodborne illness outbreaks and, in one notable case, even prison terms for company principals.

“Unfortunately, the court of public opinion renders its verdict within 24 hours after the first reporter calls or the first TV camera goes on,” said Cheryl Miller, chief executive officer of Tampa, FL-based At The Table Public Relations. “How you handle the first 24 hours of a crisis can make all the difference.”

The most critical factor is having a public relations crisis communications plan in place ahead of any incident, added the company’s Bill Barlow.

“Just like the military has guns they hope they never have to fire and you have Band-Aids in your medicine chest you hope you’ll never need, you’ve got to be ready for things you can’t predict are going to happen,” Barlow said. “How you get through a crisis is can be as simple as the difference between being proactive or reactive.”

A proactive approach has a plan in place for dealing with any crisis. A reactive approach comes across to the public and media as a deer-in-the-headlights moment.

“When most people are reactive they’re huddling internally trying to sort out what to do. Meanwhile the media’s contacting them, reporters are hitting deadlines, they’re not getting answers, they’re speculating. Now the first round of coverage is speculative then it gets worse and worse and worse,” Barlow said. “If you’re proactive you meet them at the curb — you come out, you’ve got a designated spokesperson, you’ve got some stock answers and hopefully some media training and are ready to deal with the situation because you had a crisis plan in place which allows you to meet the situation head on and look like you have it under control.”

Determining how prepared a company is for a crisis is a fairly simple process. ATTPR has a five-question checklist that makes the process painless:

Do you have a written crisis plan in place now?

Do you have selected spokespersons and are they media trained?

Do you have your initial crisis team contact list developed and does everyone in your company know and understand their responsibilities during a crisis?

Do you know what to say or how to handle queries when news media contact you about your crisis?

Do you have resources in place should a crisis exceed your capabilities or outside resources that can give you objective counsel?

“If you don’t know or can’t answer or you’re not sure, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a professional,” Miller said.

“A lot of people think they don’t need a crisis plan but that’s the same as the military saying, ‘We’re not going to buy guns until someone shoots at us,’ “ Barlow said.

Whether a company handles crisis public relations communications in-house or relies on outside professionals, an independent — and unbiased —agency can help.

“We have a toolkit that helps companies make sure they have at least gone through the initial steps of preparation so when they do have a crisis they can move quickly,” Miller said. “We have out-of-the-box and custom solutions for any situation.”

Better yet, ATTPR and other professionals often offer no-cost evaluations of companies’ current crisis PR preparation plans.

“First of all you have to have an objective view of the situation,” Barlow said. “That’s something every company thinks they’re capable of but in reality — and especially under pressure — that’s usually not obtainable. Second you have to balance that plan with your corporate agenda. Third, it’s got to make reasonable sense for any situation. If you can balance those three things you can establish a good plan. But generally the objective opinion does not come from within.”

Added Miller, “In 2013, there’s no excuse to be hanging in the breeze when it comes to crisis preparation.”

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In an orchard update from Domex Superfresh Growers, Dave Gleason talks about the beginning of this year's apple harvest and the use of self-driven, multi-level platforms that aid workers in the pick process. The platforms allow Domex to do away with... Read more
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“Mushroom blendability is the driving and emerging trend for mushrooms in both foodservice and retail,” said Bart Minor, president of the Mushroom Council. “Mushrooms are on target to make a big impact at foodservice and retail that will improve consumers’... Read more
Domex Superfresh apple orchard update
This year is progressing nicely and the apple harvest is set to start about a week early. The weather has been ideal for growing fruit, and Domex has a record size crop hanging on the trees right now. The company expects to have a full complement of apples... Read more
PMA’s record-setting foodservice conference
It was a record-breaking year at Produce Marketing Association’s 33rd annual Foodservice Conference, including the unseasonably warm temperatures in Monterey, CA, which soared into the high 80s. The conference by the numbers: 1,821 attendees (record)... Read more
Eastern Washington cherry and apple crop updates
"Cherry harvest is progressing and the fruit is beautiful with excellent quality," said Dave Gleason, chief horticulturalist for Domex. "We've spent the past 52 weeks preparing for where we are right now, picking. We make every effort to make sure we... Read more
Grapes from California campaign kicks off on Food Network
A new television campaign for Grapes from California launched in June on the Food Network. “These commercials showcase the natural beauty, easy versatility and great taste of California grapes while communicating the value of sharing life’s special... Read more
Fresh & Easy rebranded in new marketing campaign
Fresh & Easy launched a full-scale marketing campaign inviting customers to discover an all-new Fresh & Easy. Since transferring to new ownership in November, the company has reinvigorated its brand and stores with the aim of providing healthy,... Read more
Cherry crop update from Domex
Dave Gleason, chief horticulturalist for Domex Superfresh Growers, provides and update on this year's cherry crop in one of its lower Yakima Valley orchards. Harvest is progressing nicely this year, and color is developing due to warm weather with cool... Read more
PMA launches redesigned website, provides better access to resources
In response to member feedback and as part of its new strategic plan implementation, the Produce Marketing Association unveiled its redesigned website ( Tuesday, May 27. With a fresh new design, completely new structure, a fully functioning... Read more
Protecting the 2014 Pacific Northwest cherry crop
As producers move into the 2014 cherry production season in the Pacific Northwest, they will concern themselves with protecting the precious fruit from rain and the damage that can be done to ripe cherries. Domex Superfresh Growers provides some insights... Read more
Good season expected for Pacific Northwest cherries
Mother Nature has been a cooperative lady in the Pacific Northwest, and the region's producers are anticipating a good cherry season for the highly prized fruit in 2014. It's 80 days and counting for Domex Superfresh Growers in Yakima, WA. Read more
Wish Farms' consumer program features recipe videos
Wish Farms is offering a year-round supply of conventional and organic strawberries and blueberries. With the Florida strawberry season completed, focus has turned to the California strawberry season and Florida blueberry season. Wish Farms grows strawberries... Read more
Domex Superfresh Growers' orchard tech
Domex Superfresh Growers continues to innovate with use of GPS-equipped tractors as technology moves from the drawing board to the orchard. Use of GPS allows the tractor to create a planting line within an inch of accuracy. A specialized plant platform... Read more
Produce Alliance leads fundraising campaign for children’s hospital
Produce Alliance LLC, one of the larger produce management services companies in the United States, leverages its national distribution and grower-shipper network to lead an annual philanthropic campaign benefitting one of Chicago’s premiere Children’s... Read more
Local sponsorship fuels national health and fitness messaging for California Giant
California Giant Berry Farms has teamed up with the local D-League Basketball Team for the Golden State Warriors this season and launched a kids club to promote health and fitness to fans. The partnership with the Santa Cruz Warriors D-League team resulted... Read more
CMI's high-quality KIKU apples
From picking at the peak of ripeness, to polishing and preserving freshness, to packing, there are a lot of steps involved in making sure that "KIKU" brand apples are high in quality and exceptionally sweet. Columbia Marketing International provided... Read more
E. Armata completes renovation of Hunts Point facility
E. Armata, a fourth-generation family-run fruit and vegetable wholesaler located in the Hunts Point terminal market in the Bronx, NY, has been in business for over 100 years. Today, it is a tenant of major significance on the market... Read more



Lone Star focuses on service
There are some things Trent Bishop, sales manager of Lone Star Citrus Groves in Mission, TX, and one of the company’s founders, just can’t control. One of those is the disposition of his competitors. When Lone Star was formed in 2007, there were a bit more than a handful of packer-shippers in south Texas in the citrus industry.Lone Star’s Texas Sweeties packed and ready to ship. Over those years several packers have been sold to companies outside of the Lone Star... Read more
When J.B. Cutsinger began selling Texas citrus in northern California he was a much younger man and the Texas industry included more than a dozen packer-shippers. A lot has changed in those close to 40 years. But Cutsinger still sells Texas citrus in much of the Golden State and considers his firm — International Citrus and Produce in , Burlingame, CA — the “go-to” citrus supplier for the area, at least for Texas citrus. “Yeah, I think after all these years people... Read more
Peter Condakes Co. moves sales to New England Produce Center
Peter John Condakes, president of Peter Condakes Co. Inc., told The Produce News that the company has made some major location changes in recent times. “Suzanne Polymeros, a vice president and partner is in charge of fruit and western vegetables,” explained Condakes. “Peter Leo Condakes is also a vice president and in charge of Southern and imported vegetables. In March we moved their operations from the Boston Market Terminal to the New England Produce Center... Read more
“We’re doing about the same things that we’ve always done and have built our reputation on, but we’re doing them even better,” Shawn Grant, owner of Grant Stanton Produce Co. Inc., located at the New England Produce Center in Chelsea, MA, told The Produce News. “We had a good summer with basically the same items we’ve been handling, but we moved more product and sales were stronger. I attribute the increases to people loosening up on their spending a little, and... Read more
Veg-Fresh Farms launched its “Good Life” line of organic produce in 2012 in response to the growing demand for organically grown products. Since then, the group has expanded the line to include peppers, onions, tropical fruits and, most recently, strawberries.   Upon the heels of opening its new distribution facility earlier this year, the Veg-Fresh team announced the shipment of the three millionth package of “Good Life” organic produce. “With the U.S. demand... Read more
Alsum Farms & Produce Inc. is partnering with the Green Bay Packers to invite fans to share a photo of their best tailgating dish for a chance to win an Alsum Grillmaster prize pack. Now thru Nov. 1, Packer fans can submit their tailgating photos at   Fans can simply submit a photo gathered around their grill — at Lambeau Field or anywhere else — featuring some of their favorite gameday... Read more
FreshPack and Produce Pro transform frustration into shocking growth in sales
When Chris Wisekal, chief executive officer of FreshPack Produce, joined the company, he planned to grow it by 20 percent per year. That goal proved too modest. "Last year, we had unprecedented sales growth," he said. "Huge numbers." Wisekal succeeded by giving his talented staff a new set of tools from Produce Pro Software to reduce costs while boosting service. It paid off by making FreshPack a preferred produce supplier, and it gave his staff some surprises... Read more
Country Sweet Produce is taking proactive measures to deal with California’s ongoing drought. “The water shortage in California has definitely affected our decision making,” Commodity Manager Cody Rose told The Produce News. “We have extended the days between irrigation sets to help conserve. We have the water this year but are farming as if we didn’t. We are well aware of the impact for next year’s crop if we don’t get a significant amount of rain or a good snow... Read more
Bland Farms Vidalia sweet potato line will hitch a ride on famous cousin’s coattails
For decades, Bland Farms LLC in Glennville, GA, has been known for its famous sweet onions and Vidalia has been the king of the crop. With demand for sweet potatoes ever increasing, the company believes consumers are ready for another sweet Vidalia treat that’s a perfect complement to Bland’s year-round onion program. The plan is to co-market Bland Farms sweet onions and sweet potatoes where possible. While Vidalia is known as the sweet onion capital of the world,... Read more
Organic mushroom demand growing at Phillips Mushroom Farms
“Organic mushroom demand continues with substantial increases,” said Kevin Donovan, national sales manager for Phillips Mushroom Farms in Kennett Square, PA. “Consequently we’re pumping up production to fill the demand and we’re promoting the category strongly. As organic production increases, prices compared to conventional products are leveling off, which makes them even more highly desired by consumers.” He explained that some retailers have been on the organic... Read more
Tater Man is early out of the gate this year with cured sweet potatoes from Alabama
“The good news is that as of mid-August we were about 50 percent harvested in Alabama,” Jason Bell, account manager for Tater Man, headquartered in Sydney, FL, told The Produce News. “Until about mid-August, the supply line was basically empty nationwide of stored sweet potatoes from the 2013 crop, which is pretty much common knowledge throughout the industry. But we’re right on schedule this year. Alabama harvesting will wrap up around the middle of September.... Read more
SNOW HILL, NC — The family firm, begun with 200 acres in 1975, is now 13,000 acres and growing “by leaps and bounds,” said Stacy Ham, vice president of Ham Produce Co., here. It now reaches from eastern North Carolina to a new pack and ship facility at Live Oak in northern Florida. It can store more than 13 million bushels of climate-controlled sweet potatoes. Last year it shipped 50 percent more produce than in 2012, and this year it will ship 50 percent more... Read more
PURE Bioscience seeks FDA approval for patented prewash that may reduce produce pathogens 100-fold
PURE Bioscience Inc. of El Cajon, CA, has already seen excellent results with its patented antimicrobial agent silver dihydrogen citrate for use in direct contact cleaning in restaurants and food processing facilities. On Oct. 9 the company filed a food contact notification with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to use SDC as a prewash on fresh produce that could eliminate bacteria a hundredfold above current methodology. The company's research has already... Read more
Wayne E. Bailey puts 2013 behind and heads into great 2014 crop
“The crop this year is much better than last year’s,” George Wooten, president of Wayne E. Bailey, headquartered in Chadbourn, NC, told The Produce News on Aug. 20. “Thankfully we started packing the second week of August, and although we aren’t yet in full swing, we’re doing our best to get customers what they want.” He added that the company expected to be shipping stored sweet potatoes the week of Aug. 18, and anticipating shipping stored cured product by Sept.... Read more
Stemilt goes long with new apple packingline
The next generation of apple-packing technology has arrived at Stemilt, and with it one of the longest apple sizers in the world. The Wenatchee, WA-based company recently unveiled a new, high-tech apple line at its Olds Station facility. It features the latest generation of external defect sorting (iQs IV) and internal quality sorting (iFA GeoSort) from Greefa and a long, gentle sizer with 79 drop points to pack apples gently and with great consistency. Jay... Read more
New ownership strengthens General Produce’s stellar reputation
The recent change in ownership at General Produce has been “nothing but positive,” according to Randy Lineberger, executive vice president and general manager at General Produce LLC. The Castellini Group of Cos. acquired General Produce, which is headquartered in the Atlanta suburb of Forest Park, GA, this past June.   The acquisition has allowed Cincinnati-based Castellini to continue its expansion into the southeastern United States.  “As far as logistics... Read more
Southern Produce aligned  for a great sweet potato crop
“This season’s harvest schedule is expected to run from August 20 through October 25,” said Stewart Precythe, president and chief operating officer for Southern Produce Distributors Inc., headquartered in Faison, NC. “We have experienced an exceptionally good growing season this year compared to that of last year. There were a few setbacks early on with cool nights holding back our sprouts, which also put planting behind. After planting, however, we encountered... Read more
Volume, sizing down, but quality excellent for Quail H Farms
Although California’s water shortage will have some impact on this year’s crop of sweet potatoes, Larelle Miller, sales manager at Quail H Farms LLC in Livingston, CA, said the company still anticipates a high-quality crop. “Water has been an issue for us,” she told The Produce News. “We had to reduce our planted acreage to match our water allocation. “California is known for its quality sweet potatoes,” she continued. “They have very smooth skin and very few blemishes.... Read more
Nickey Gregory Co. serves Southeastern states from headquarters on the Atlanta Market
The Atlanta State Farmers Market is perfectly positioned to serve Southeastern states from the center of the South. The Nickey Gregory Co. is headquartered there for that exact reason. “I’ve spent the majority of my life on the Atlanta market,” said company founder and President Nickey Gregory, who launched the business in 2000 after working his way up the ranks elsewhere. “This market is the hub of the Southeast produce business. Think of how many areas you can... Read more
JJ Jardina celebrates 90 years in business
FOREST PARK, GA — This year will mark the 90th year of business for JJ Jardina, based here. “Our grandfather started JJ Jardina in 1925 and the business has grown over the years to support three generations of our family,” said Chief Executive Officer Mike Jardina. Today, three brothers, Mike, Larry and Matt, operate all facets of the company on a daily basis. The brothers are continuing to grow the company’s product line and are focused on providing high-quality... Read more


PMA Fresh Summit 2014
On the day that the Produce Marketing Association’s 2014 Fresh Summit opened, Bryan Silbermann, PMA chief executive officer, promised it would be the most well-attended event in the history of the... Read more
PMA Fresh Summit 2014 kicks off in Anaheim
The Produce Marketing Association's Fresh Summit kicked off Friday, Oct. 17 with educational workshops and the brunch general session, but the opening day came to a close with an energetic welcoming reception... Read more
Natural Blend, new vegetable dehydration plant, holds opening ceremony in Farmville, NC
A new life for an old textile plant and a new use for discarded but quality sweet potatoes were celebrated at the Sept. 30 grand opening of the Natural Blend vegetable dehydration facility in Farmville,... Read more
FPFC meets in Southern California
The Fresh Produce & Floral Council held a regular membership luncheon meeting on Oct. 1 at the Sheraton in Cerritos, CA.  There were more than 200 attendees at the event who listened to keynote... Read more
Southern Roots reception at SEPC conference
YOUNG HARRIS, GA — The Southeast Produce Council launched Southern Roots, its new leadership program for women in produce, with a reception Friday afternoon, Sept. 26, during the council's annual fall... Read more
California ag secretary keynotes FPFC event
PLEASANTON, CA — The Fresh Produce & Floral Council held a membership luncheon meeting Sept. 25, here, featuring California Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross as the keynote speaker. Ross discussed... Read more
SEPC Fall Conference opens at Brasstown Valley
YOUNG HARRIS, GA — The Southeast Produce Council opened its annual fall conference Thursday evening, Sept. 25, at the Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa, here, with its traditional get-acquainted opening... Read more
Potatoes and tomatoes on the menu at EPC dinner meeting
WEST ORANGE, NJ — The Eastern Produce Council held its first meeting following the summer hiatus, drawing industry members from throughout the New York metropolitan area. The meeting, held Sept. 16 at... Read more
NEPC holds trade show under tents
NEWPORT, RI — The New England Produce Council held its 2014 Produce & Floral Expo in a new location — Newport, RI — and at a new time of the year — September. So it seems appropriate that the council... Read more
NEPC produce and floral expo opens
NEWPORT, RI — The New England Produce Council's 2014 Produce & Floral Expo opened Wednesday, Sept. 10, with a produce industry forum presented by Produce Marketing Association President Cathy Burns,... Read more


Roundy’s George Hurst honored as 2014 Mango Retailer of the Year
The National Mango Board has honored George Hurst of Roundy’s Supermarkets as its 2014 Mango Retailer of the Year. Each year, the NMB selects four Model Mango Retailers, one from each region of the United States. All of these retailers are honored for their dedication to supporting the growth of the mango category. The winner was announced at the NMB’s Mango... Read more
Opportunities abound for garlic industry
ANAHEIM, CA — It’s been an interesting couple of months for garlic. U.S. restrictions on the importation of Chinese garlic have affected the domestic market and created an opportunity to shift the dynamics on a global level. Members of the garlic industry convened at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, here, to talk shop and catch up with friends at the annual... Read more
Walmart Canada launches Half Your Plate program
Walmart Canada has joined Half Your Plate, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association's healthy eating campaign designed to get Canadians of all ages to eat more fruits and veggies to improve their health. After a successful launch on social media this summer, Half Your Plate is now making its way onto produce packaging and into retail stores across Canada. “We... Read more
Chiquita Brands International Inc. announced that its shareholders have not approved the revised transaction agreement with Fyffes plc. In early March, the two companies announced plans for a $1 billion merger, but at this point the transaction agreement has been terminated. Chiquita now expects to enter into discussions with the Cutrale/Safra Group regarding... Read more
CAC announced retail contest winners at PMA Fresh Summit
At the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit, held Oct. 17-19 in Anaheim, CA, the California Avocado Commission announced the retailer winners from its 2014 5-Star Performance Program. CAC also hosted supermarket registered dietitians as part of the Produce for Better Health Foundation program, held a brunch for retailers and highlighted the significance... Read more
IPC launches new national television commercial
For the past two years, the Idaho Potato Commission's national television commercial has featured the Great Big Idaho Potato Truck and a perplexed potato farmer who can't seem to keep tabs on it and its fun-loving Tater Team. Now, the IPC has launched a new national television commercial that again features the now-famous farmer searching for his truck... Read more
Pear Bureau Northwest launches fresh consumer advertising
Pear Bureau Northwest is launching a new consumer advertising campaign this season, using print ads to help boost pear consumption and increase the total number of pear consumers. Ads for USA Pears will be featured in Bon Appétit, Cooking Light, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Weight Watchers magazine and Food Network magazine, reaching more than 20 million in combined... Read more
Bailey Farms Inc. in Oxford, NC, is voluntarily recalling 6,215 pounds of fresh Serrano chile peppers due to a risk of Salmonella contamination. The peppers were distributed to Meijer Inc. and may have been sold between Oct. 14 and Oct. 19 at Meijer stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. In addition, the peppers were distributed to Publix... Read more
Live Oak Farms appoints Ed Beckman to newly created COO position
Live Oak Farms announced that Ed Beckman has joined the company as its new chief operating officer, a newly created position that will foster the strategic growth of the family-owned grower-shipper of tomatoes and peppers. For over 20 years, Beckman led associations representing the California fresh tomato industry, most recently as chief executive officer for... Read more
Itaueira Farms launches new sliced melon product
ANAHEIM, CA — Itaueira Farms, which markets premium extra-sweet melons from Brazil under the "REI" brand, introduced a new sliced melon pack at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Convention & Expo, here. The launch of the new product follows the 2013 debut of a fresh-cut melon pack, which featured chunks of the premium Brazilian Canary melons... Read more
Avocados from Mexico rolls out new promotional tools
ANAHEIM, CA — As the promotional arm of the largest worldwide supplier of avocados, Avocados from Mexico faces a challenge of devising programs to move a crop of fruit that eclipses 1 billion pounds annually. At the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Convention & Exposition, held Oct. 17-9, here, AFM introduced a new retail display case and an educational... Read more
New York Apple Growers partners with Wegmans to introduce SnapDragon apples this fall
The New York Apple Growers LLC will be launching a new apple called SnapDragon in all Wegmans stores starting in November. Known for its crispy texture combined with a sweet and juicy flavor, SnapDragon has a distinctly bright red dappled color.   Unlike many other produce items, apples are commonly sold by variety and consumers have shown a continued... Read more
ANAHEIM, CA -- With the average child viewing around 5,500 unhealthy food ads on television per year, compared to the fewer than 100 healthy food ads featuring fresh fruits and veggies, it's no wonder 33 percent of children in the United States fall under the category of "overweight or obese." And this is exactly the problem the produce industry hopes to change... Read more
The new website at D'Arrigo Bros. Co. of Massachusetts has plenty of information about this wholesaler located on the New England Produce Center in Chelsea, MA. It also contains, as one might expect, lots of history and old-time photos about the well-known D'Arrigo family, which got into the fresh produce industry back in the 1920s and is perhaps best known for... Read more
United Fresh to honor Mike Cavallero with Lifetime Achievement Award at Midwinter Leadership Forum
Michael Cavallero, retired president of North American Tropical Fresh Fruit for Dole Fresh Fruit Co., will be the 2015 honoree at the Produce Legends Dinner during the United Fresh Midwinter Leadership Forum, to be held Jan. 13-15 at the La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, CA. "Mike is a tremendously deserving honoree," United Fresh Chairman Ron Carkoski,... Read more
Whole Foods launches first-ever national brand campaign
Whole Foods Market has launched its first national brand campaign to highlight its quality standards, healthy offerings and key milestones as a pioneer in the natural and organic food industry. By communicating the company’s deeper purpose and its history of celebrating food and the people who produce it, the multichannel advertising initiative is intended to... Read more
Chris Veillon to head marketing at Nature Fresh Farms
Nature Fresh Farms, a greenhouse vegetable grower located in Leamington, ON, announced that Chris Veillon will lead the company's brand marketing efforts. With more than 17 years of senior marketing communications experience across a variety of industries, Veillon is a seasoned marketer with a proven track record of success. "We are excited to add an experienced... Read more
Ready Pac names Phil Yamamoto VP of procurement
Ready Pac Foods Inc. has hired Phil Yamamoto as its vice president of procurement. In his role, Yamamoto will be responsible for establishing a consistent, dependable and cost-effective supply of materials and agricultural goods to ensure the most efficient delivery of high-quality products to the consumer. He will assist in the assessment and rebuilding... Read more
New SunSelect greenhouse grows California peppers year-round
SunSelect, a leading Canadian greenhouse grower, will ship its first-ever California-grown tomatoes this week. This historic shipment marks the beginning of a new era for the British Columbia-based grower, as the doors to its brand new 32-acre greenhouse officially open to fresh opportunities. Along with cocktail and traditional tomatoes-on-the-vine, SunSelect’s... Read more
After the close of the 2014 Produce for Kids campaigns, the organization reached a milestone donation of more than $5 million raised to support local children’s charities. Through in-store campaigns, the digital Power Your Lunchbox Pledge, and with the help of retail and produce partners, Produce for Kids is making a substantial impact in local communities. During... Read more