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Tighter window expected for California avocados
Despite some consumer media stories stating that California had a short avocado crop in 2016, the California Avocado Commission reported that last year’s harvest was above average in volume at 401.4 million pounds. It also delivered the third-highest California avocado crop value on record. However, for 2017 a smaller volume forecast will mean a tighter window of supply and marketing efforts focused to match distribution.Rick... Read more

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Potato Lover’s Month putting a new spin on potato prep
Every Potato Lover’s Month (February), the Idaho Potato Commission explores Idaho potato versatility from a different and exciting angle. For 2017, it's showcasing spiralizing, a preparation method that gives Idaho potatoes a whole new look. Spiralizing turns the top-quality potatoes into all natural, single-ingredient noodles that are heart-healthy, gluten-free... Read more

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Actions speak very loudly in describing Agromod’s quality control
tapachula, chiapas, mexico — Armed with a sharp knife, a tiny woman patiently crouched, stalking each heavily-laden papaya plant like a hungry, prowling, young lioness. She slowing circled to study all options in choosing from the lowest Maradols, which are the first to ripen among the bulbous clusters. All of the fruit was green. But she carefully sought... Read more


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Homegrown Organic Farms announces new grower services manager
Homegrown Organic Farms recently hired Caylan Gingerich, who is now operating as a grower services manager for the company’s organic blueberry category and will be based out of Jefferson, OR. “We are thrilled to have Caylan on board," Chad Hansen, Homegrown Organic Farms’ blueberry... Read more