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What Millennials target information, production methods & usage in their produce-buying decisions They’ve grown up in a world with numerous options, where health and fresh food are priorities, information is available 24/7 and the Internet has been ever-present. And, as millennial ages span 22-37, they have wide-ranging concerns stretching from post-college futures to the well being of their young families. These... Read more

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Coast Tropical transitioning to South American mangos
After a very strong Mexican mango season, Coast Tropical, based in San Diego, CA, had begun its transition to South American mangos when the company’s vice president, Isabel Freeland, spoke to The Produce News on the last day of August. “Mexico still has a lot of fruit on the trees but this latest hurricane [Tropical Storm Lidia] looks like it’s... Read more

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Vision Import Group sees mango industry changes
Encouraging customers to handle pre-ripened mangos is “a work in progress,” according to Ronnie Cohen, the vice president of sales and a partner at Vision Import Group. Cohen works in the company’s Hackensack, NJ, office. The mango industry has been encouraging handlers and customers to ripen mangos, as has recently been the practice with... Read more


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Steve Koran joins Bengard Ranch as general manager
Bengard Ranch, a leading grower-shipper of vegetables providing a year-round supply from California and Arizona, with extensive operations in Mexico and Florida, announced that industry veteran Steve Koran has joined the company as general manager. Koran has held a number of executive positions in sales... Read more