Duda supports 'Sunday Supper' movement
Recipes made with ingredients from Duda Farm Fresh Foods took center stage at a brunch hosted July 19 at the Food & Wine Conference in Orlando, FL. The Food & Wine Conference is part of the Sunday Supper Movement started by Isabel Laessig, better known as Family Foodie. The mission: To bring families together to share time and a meal together at least one day a week.Duda hosted a brunch featuring a popular family... Read more

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BroccoLeaf continues to gain traction
In the “Food & Wine” section of its May 28th edition, Toronto’s daily paper — The Star — headlined a story with the provocative title “Newfangled BroccoLeaf leaves kale green with envy.” It is this type of publicity that is propelling The Nunes Co.’s innovative new vegetables on to the ordering list of buyers across North America. Doug Classen, sales manager... Read more

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Crown Jewels staying the course
Atomic Torosian has been in the California table grape industry since he was a young teenager working for a local grower. He has seen his fair share of changes over the years and continuing to remain relevant is an ongoing task. “We stay the course,” said the president of Fresno, CA-based Crown Jewels Produce Co. “We have partnered with some very good growers... Read more


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Locus Traxx Worldwide names two new executives
Locus Traxx Worldwide has named two new vice presidents. The company promoted Ray Hoffman to vice president of operations and logistics, and Lorraine Woods to vice president of finance, accounting and human resources. “In the years that I have had the pleasure to know and work with Ray, he has... Read more