Earlier this week Wegmans announced a recall of approximately 12,540 packages of frozen spinach, supplied by Twin City Foods Inc., due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. Since then the recall has expanded to other retailers, including Meijer and Target. In addition to the Wegmans product, Twin Cities issued a recall of Meijer Organics Chopped Spinach, Cadia Organic Cut Spinach and Wild Harvest Organic... Read more

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PEAKfresh, an intelligent modified-atmosphere packaging film specifically developed for the packaging of fresh fruit, vegetables, plants and cut flowers, is making great inroads and seeing its sales increase on an annual basis. But it is not the only packaging that President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Ganzerla is touting these days. From his Lake... Read more

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Well-Pict differentiates itself with proprietary varieties
For more than 30 years, Watsonville, CA-based Well-Pict Inc. has differentiated itself from the competition by selling only its own proprietary varieties. “Our emphasis is on flavor,” said Vice President of Sales Dan Crowley. “This isn’t a small deal. It’s a multi-million-dollar venture but we want to be the only ones selling our berries. No one else is selling... Read more


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Riverside, CA-based Index Fresh, a grower-owned packing, marketing and shipping company, recently added Bill Frank and Jessica Chavez as account managers. Frank previously worked for a southern California produce wholesaler, pack and distribution company, offering a wide-range of fruits and vegetables.... Read more


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SEPC gets down to business at trade show
After two days of play, the Southeast Produce Council 2015 Southern Exposure trade show and expo got down to business Feb. 28 at the Caribe Resort in Orlando, FL. Our Mary Blackmon hit the expo floor for a whirlwind tour to find out what happens when 2,000 people show... Read more