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$200M Kroger merger to revolutionize mealtime
The Kroger Co. and Home Chef, a private meal kit company, announced a merger agreement that will significantly accelerate availability of meal kits and position the combined company to lead the way in revolutionizing how families shop for, prep, and cook their meals. The initial transaction price is $200 million and future earnout payments of up to $500 million over five years are contingent on achieving certain milestones,... Read more

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Stellar Distributing fig season shifting to California
Stellar Distributing Inc., based in Madera, CA, and its parent company, Catania Worldwide of Toronto, are in the fig business with year-round supplies. By the beginning of June, Stellar expects its fig supplies to completely shift from Mexico to California. Stellar Distribution/Catania Worldwide is expected to start its California fig production in late May... Read more

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Figs are elixir for Western Fresh’s Kragie
It might be a bit of an exaggeration, but figs are the reason George Kragie is still in the produce industry today and not contemplating retirement. “I’m 71 years old and still love managing the fig deal,” said Kragie, president of Western Fresh Marketing, based in Madera, CA. “They are the reasons I continue to work at the same pace.” Fresh whole and cut Calimyrna... Read more


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Oppy promotes Audrey Desnoyers
With a new step in a career already marked with considerable distinction, Audrey Desnoyers has been promoted to the role of Seattle office sales manager. In recent years, Desnoyers has emerged as a trusted and effective leader within the full-service fresh produce sales, marketing and distribution company,... Read more