Garlic producers upbeat about domestic garlic crop
Hopes were high for the 2016 domestic garlic crop as it followed a 2015 crop that saw numerous El Niño-related weather events, from floods to droughts to tornados, which wreaked havoc on many garlic fields. Unfortunately, the 2016 crop was also down by 15-20 percent of normal, also due to inclement weather condition. Domestic garlic producers tend to say that the “norm” for a garlic crop is being redefined... Read more

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As a young kid, I used to write a neighborhood weekly “newspaper” that provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what my neighbors were up to. I stopped after a couple of years so my parents would still have a few friends left in the neighborhood. Obviously, The Produce News came upon some of those Pulitzer-nominated pieces and has asked me to do... Read more

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Christopher Ranch excited about  new crop of California organic garlic
Christopher Ranch has been growing high-quality garlic for over 60 years. In the mid-1990s the company began producing organic garlic, and its line of organic specialty items has grown steadily since. Patsy Ross, marketing director for the Gilroy, CA-based company, said Christopher Ranch is excited over the new crop of organic garlic available this summer. Christopher... Read more


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Howard Marguleas: A true visionary
Visionary, Webster tells us, has to do with looking into the future with wisdom. It’s not enough to just plan for a time down the road, but you have to be right to be a true visionary. Synonyms include being creative, imaginative and innovative. It is those kinds of words and many like them that... Read more